Winter Weather Damage After the Storm

Yesterday’s winter storm has past, but unfortunately with temperatures well below freezing, the threat of accidents and damage to your home is not over. Take the following steps to minimize risks to your family, your home, your car and your neighbors: [Read more…]

Build an Emergency Fund – Even if money’s tight

Financial Emergency Fund Icons with UmbrellaEmergency fund? After bills are paid, groceries are bought, and the car is filled up, there’s not always a lot left over, but that’s exactly why you should work towards building an emergency fund. What happens if the dog gets sick, your hours get cut or the car breaks down? Without a financial safety net, you’ll be left in debt. [Read more…]

How to fix hail damage

Hail on carWe’ve seen some pretty intense thunderstorms so far this summer and several areas in and around Richmond reported hail associated with the storm that crossed the area today. Hopefully we won’t encounter too many more severe thunderstorms this year, but do you know what to do if your car sustains damage in a hail storm?

Here are a few tips to help you handle your hail repair:

  • Contact your insurance provider and check to see if hail damage is covered by your policy. You can find your insurance company’s contact information here.
  • Research repair shops. Your insurance company may have a list of preferred shops they can recommend to you, but if you choose to find a repair shop on your own, make sure they are a reputable company that does good work. A good place to start is by checking reviews on the Better Business Bureau or asking friends for recommendations.
  • Talk to the body shop about repair options. Severe damage may have to be hammered out and repainted, but in many cases paintless dent removal (PDR) may be recommended. PDR is an effective technique to repair hail damage, it does not disturb the factory finish or affect paint warranties, and can usually be completed within a day.
  • Thoroughly inspect the repair before accepting the car. Look at the repair in florescent lighting and from different angles to ensure that all dents have been repaired.

Use these steps to get your car back up and running with quality repairs at a minimal cost!


We Have a New Look!

Blankenship Insurance Services is proud to announce the launch of our new website. We still provide the same local coverage to Richmond and the surrounding areas that you have come to trust over the past 30 years. We designed the new site to be fully responsive, so you can easily find us with your mobile phone or tablet. [Read more…]

Jewelry Coverage

Are your wedding rings, family heirlooms, everyday jewelry and cherished collectibles protected? [Read more…]

Hurricane Preparedness

Have first aid supplies, cash and nonperishable food on hand, as well as flashlights and batteries in case of a power outage. Also take time to secure loose objects and trim branches and remove damaged trees before strong winds arrive. [Read more…]

Anthem Health Insurance Merger

Anthem has recently announced that they are in the process of acquiring Cigna, meanwhile Aetna is currently making moves to obtain Humana. If these deals go through there will be only 3 major health insurance providers in the US. [Read more…]